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Turnaround time may vary based on availability of supplies.


File format: PDF file format preferred. 

Publication Number

The Tennessee Senate Bill No. 1920 requires the implementation of a system for assigning publication numbers, for reviewing and approving publications, for maintaining publication records, and for containing publication costs. All materials created for external distribution must indicate their unique publication number. 

To receive a publication number for EACH project you produce, email a PDF of the publication, the account number from which the printing is paid, and the number of pieces to be printed to in the Office of Communications and Marketing. For more details on publication numbers and the whole process, visit the UTC Communications and Marketing website. 


If your job does not require a publication number please enter 0000 in the box at the top of the product description.


Custom Quotes & Design Services 

If the options you are looking for are not available, or if you need us to provide design services, please contact Graphic Services @ 425.5347.