What is MocsPrint?

MocsPrint is the secure, convenient, and environmentally-friendly wireless and networked printing solution for students, faculty, and staff at UTC. Members of the UTC community can use their Mocs Card to:

  • Print and copy in black and white and color across campus
  • Scan documents to an email address

MocsPrint encourages sustainability and security by requiring a secure release at any multifunction device, thus eliminating wasteful printing. Secure release options include swiping a Mocs (or Guest) card at a device, and scanning a QR code on the device using the Pharos Print app. For more information on the Pharos Print app, refer to the Touchless Printing section on the MocsPrint Mobile tab.

MocsPrint Information

Students receive $10 in Print Points each Fall/Spring semester and $5 each Summer semester. Print Points do not roll over from semester to semester. After you have used all of your Print Points, you may pay for printing with Scrappy Cash. To add Scrappy Cash to your Mocs Card:

  • Visit GET (Manage Your UTC Mocs Card)
  • Log in with UTC ID
  • Click "Add Funds"
  • Select "Scrappy Cash" and enter your information


Costs for copies and prints are calculated on a per-impression basis:

$0.07 for B&W and $0.35 for color, when using personal funds (Print Points or Scrappy Cash)
$0.08 for B&W and $0.50 for color, when using department funds*

*To be able to use department funds, you must have your UTC ID associated with a department account. To do so, you must put in a ticket with IT by calling them at ext. 4000, sending an email to, or logging into their website at the UTC Client Portal. Once the ID/account association has been completed, you will be able to charge to the department right away.

A Note About Newly-Issued Mocs Cards

If you are issued a new Mocs Card and try to use it the same day to login to a copier, the copier will ask you to self-register your card. To do this, you would simply enter your UTC ID and password. Otherwise, your card will work with the copiers the next morning.