Convenience Copiers

Using Your MOCS ID Card for Campus-Wide Printing


MOCS Print and Mail Center currently maintains a fleet of 88 copiers, which are conveniently located within departments, office areas, and hallways for use by UTC Faculty, Staff, and Students. To use any of these copiers, you would simply swipe your Mocs ID card to login, where you are given options to make copies, release print documents, or scan documents to your email.


Toner, maintenance, and technical support are included as part of the per-impression copy charges. Departments are charged $0.08 per B&W impression and $0.50 per Color impression. Otherwise, anyone using personal funds is charged $0.07 per B&W impression and $0.35 per Color impression.

New ID Cards

If you are in need of a new ID card, you can have one made in the Mocs Card office on the second floor of the University Center, next to the bookstore. *Note: if you get a new card and try to use it the same day to access a copier, the copier will ask you to self-register your card. To do this, you would simply enter your UTC ID and password. Otherwise, your card will work with the copiers the next morning.

ID Card Funding Options

To use your ID Card at a copier without using personal funds, you must have your UTC ID associated with a departmental account number. To do so, you must put in a ticket with IT by calling them at ext. 4000, sending an email to, or logging into their website at Once IT has completed the ID/account association, you will be able to charge to the account right away. *If you are a student worker and your department approves you being associated with their account, the department admin must make this request for you. Requests directly from students will not be approved.*

If you would like to add personal funds to your card, you may do that as well. Go to, click where it says "Click here to login", and then enter your UTC ID and password. Click on Add Funds (yellow button). On the next page, enter your deposit amount and payment information, and select "4 Scrappy Cash" for the account to add funds to. Click Continue, and funds should be added immediately.